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Starting in January of 2014, I created a simulated portfolio on Tradestation.com with a starting balance of $1,000,000 to replicate management of a real $1,000,000 portfolio. The goal: transparency over decisions, and accountability for results, with the goal of generating profitable investment ideas and discussion.

Over the little more than a year that I managed the Simulated Portfolio, I maintained a detailed "Portfolio Tracker" Excel spreadsheet and uploaded a snapshot of the portfolio's holdings at the end of each week to this website (all of this is found below).

Below are the management guidelines for my Simulated Portfolio:

  1. An initial "investment" of $1,000,000.00
  2. Only allowed to go long, no short selling
  3. No more than 20% of the portfolio in any one sector
  4. No more than 10% of the portfolio in any one stock
  5. No stocks with a market cap below $500 million
  6. No purchasing more than 5% of the average daily volume of a stock in one day (to account for "slippage")
  7. Use risk management techniques to adjust the "weight" of each stock and control the overall risk of the portfolio
  8. Do not trade on margin (don't let "cash balance" fall below zero)
  9. Try to only make "Market" orders (professionals, with large portfolios, do not want their trades to show up on "the book" so they rarely do "Limit" orders)
  10. Try to only purchase shares of an ETF if there is no other possible way to put money into the underlying asset (due to my simulated portfolio's restrictions)


Note: After-hour stock prices are used when calculating the portfolio's "total value," while the value of the S&P 500 only uses closing prices.

(Numbers as of February 27, 2015)

  • Current Portfolio Value (Closing Value): $1,097,746.29
  • Current S&P 500 Value (Closing Value): 2,104.50
  • Portfolio's Return (Since Portfolio's Inception): 9.77%
  • S&P 500's Return (Since Portfolio's Inception): 13.86%
  • Portfolio's Return This Trading Week: 1.34%
  • S&P 500's Return This Trading Week: -0.27%
  • Number Of Currently Profitable Positions: 18
  • Number Of Currently Unprofitable Positions: 10
  • Percentage Of Positions That Are Profitable: 64.29%
  • Portfolio's Sharpe Ratio Since Inception (as of 2/27/2015): 0.09
  • Portfolio's Sharpe Ratio For 2014 (1/1/2014 - 1/02/2015): 0.03
  • Portfolio's Share Ratio For 2015 (1/02/2015 - 2/27/2015): 0.48
  • Portfolio's Beta (as of 2/27/2015): 0.34
  • Portfolio's Beta Ex-Cash (as of 2/20/2015): 0.54

My Portfolio's Performance vs. The S&P 500's Performance (Since Inception)

Portfolio Performance Graph (12.31.13 - 2.27.15)

Portfolio Breakdown By Sector

Portfolio Breakdown By Sector (Weighting)

Portfolio Breakdown By Sectors - Weighting (as of 2.27.15)


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