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I started this website my freshman year in college and stopped updating it in mid-June 2017. I have archived it to collect the extracurricular work I did in college to further my education in financial markets. My enthusiasm for finance and the stock market was sparked in high school, when I took a class on Investment Mathematics; I also was able to perform two independent studies in portfolio management under experienced investment professionals. As a Finance major in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, I took numerous classes that furthered my interest in Finance and contributed to my knowledge of business, financial markets, economics, and major market forces. In addition to this website (and all related pursuits), I was an Analyst in the BC Investment Club and the Vice President of Heights Capital (a different small student-run investment club). Below, I have described the three original purposes for this website when it was created.

The 3 original purposes of this website:

One - I love learning more about the stock market and it was my hope that, through this website, I would further my own understanding of global financial markets and the forces that shape them. Writing forced me to improve my analytical skills, particularly in evaluating market direction and in conducting stock analysis.

Two - I wanted my analysis to be useful -  not just to myself, but to other investors as well.

Three - I enjoy the opportunity to connect with others who share my interests and this website gave me the ability to do so.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about this website.


Liam Garrity-Rokous


Date: June 2017



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